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Lookunder Inspection Mirrors For Vehicle Inspection, Security & Bio Checks

As a vehicle testing tool, lookunder mirrors provide a quick and easy way to view under vehicles and cars for structural damage without continually crouching and kneeling down on hard, cold floors. The Vehicle Lookunder models are ideal for vehicle testers with its trolley wheel casters and optional torch fitting. The extension handle makes viewing under vehicles easier, safer and less of a strain.

The lightweight portable lookunder mirrors are suitable for viewing into small gaps between pallets and cartons when completing bio-security checks of shipping containers and airline cargo. The long handle means devanning facilities can complete a 6-sided external inspection of shipping containers. Ideal for security checkpoints and border control for bomb detection under vehicles or other hard to see areas.

Our range of convex lookunder inspection mirrors feature an impact resistant acrylic face and the option of a powder-coated aluminium folding handle or heavy duty pin locking telescopic handle. These mirrors provide a superior, distortion free, reflective image and have been designed for flexibility and durability.