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Outdoor Anti-Vandal Mirrors

Outdoor Anti-Vandal Stainless Steel Safety Mirrors are made from highly polished, mirror quality, 18 gauge stainless steel. These virtually unbreakable mirrors are resilient to damage and can stand up to harsh abuse from projectile objects such as rocks and vandalism. These outdoor convex safety mirrors are free from distortion and ensure a crystal-clear reflection over larger distances. Installed wherever a driver’s field of vision is blocked, such as driveways, blind corners on roads and highways and at hard-to-see intersections. The bright orange steel hood, back and fittings provide high visibility with a robust durable design and the scratch-resistant stainless steel face means that graffiti can be easily removed. The fully adjustable galvanised steel bracket can be wall-mounted or pole-mounted with the supplied 75mm U-Bolts.