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Institutional Security Mirrors for Institutional Observation & Institutional Safety

Institutional observation is an essential duty of officers and staff in the UK, ensuring residents or patients are safe and secure and checking access is clear before entry. Institutional security convex mirrors are an excellent cost effective observation tool, providing a full view of the institutional from the door area. Because mirrors in secure institutions are at high risk of tampering and abuse, institutional  security convex mirrors need to be robust enough to withstand intentional damage or attempted misuse. They need to be fixed in such a way that they cannot be removed or broken down into dangerous weapons and the fastenings must be completely ligature free to avoid any serious risk to inmates or patients.

These Institutional security mirrors have been developed specifically for use in secure units such as police stations, prisons and secure hospitals and institutions. These specially designed Polycarbonate and Stainless Steel dome mirrors offer unique features and meet the strict Home Office, Police and Prison Service standards. They are designed to be unbreakable and virtually ligature-free once locked into the special powder-coated steel frame or fixed with anti-pick filler. Tamper-proof Rawl Spikes or Torx Screws fix the unit through counter-sunk recessed holes. Our specially designed Institutional security mirrors are easy to install by contractors and provide a longer life of service.

Choose from the range of models below to suit any unique room size and layout which requires safer observation.