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The 600mm Indoor Covered Half Dome Mirror features a vinyl celuka back and lid that prevents dust, rubbish or other objects being left inside the mirror making it ideal for public buildings such as hospitals, schools, offices and retail shops. The extra wide angle curve gives 180° of reflected viewing area. Using the dome top screws supplied, this mirror is wall mounted and is most effective at T-intersections at the end of corridors, shopping aisles and above shelving. View both left and right when vision is obstructed to avoid collisions and improve store surveillance. The vacuum metallised acrylic mirror face gives the brightest and clearest reflection with no distortion.

Up to 6m (Viewing Distance = from Viewer – to Mirror – to Area being viewed)

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600mm (24″) Indoor Covered Half Dome Mirror

SKU: M18535HE

£170.34 inc. VAT

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