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Indoor Convex Mirrors

Indoor Convex Mirrors

Indoor Convex Mirrors remain the most common form of shop security in retail stores and public areas. They provide a simple, cost effective way to reduce theft and deter fraud. For small shops, the Indoor Economy Security Mirror is an essential and effective tool for the shop owner. For large retail shops, convex security mirrors such as Full Dome Mirrors and Half Dome Mirrors help security staff by providing wider visibility for surveillance.

Indoor convex mirrors are also designed to improve visibility and safety in the workplace and public areas. With the increase in health and safety responsibilities, convex mirrors and dome safety mirrors reduce accident risk. Convex safety mirrors help workers and visitors avoid collisions, they eliminate blind spots in industrial situations such as warehouses or public areas such as hospitals, public buildings, car parks and workshop garages.

Receptions, child and elderly care facilities, schools and hospitals would all gain improved safety and peace of mind after installing an indoor Standard Convex Mirror or dome style mirror. Parking buildings and stairways often have limited access or tight bends with pillars or columns obstructing view. Indoor-Outdoor Safety Mirrors help motorists avoid collisions by giving drivers and pedestrians an early warning to any potential hazard.  Also ideal for outdoor playgrounds to eliminate blind spots when teachers are monitoring hard to see areas.

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